Andrea Aquilanti, Venice Crossing

                                   Galleria Traghetto Venezia, September 10 - November 20, 2008


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A characteristic of Aquilanti's work is the use of mixed media: video and drawing. By combining these two different mediums the artist portrays stories about time and about the passing of time. The artist is first of all interested in the relationship between memory and reality.

Aquilanti created a site-specific project for the gallery's space. The artist drew his inspiration walking around the Zattere area in Venice. He wanted to reproduce the daily life of the lagoon city between the walls of the gallery's space. He recorded videos of the Zattere, then he selected one image from the video fragments and drew it on canvas, on which he projected the film. Aquilanti created a scene which got the static nature of the drawing, but it became alive through the successions of images that the video provides, interacting with the space: the passing of time, the alternation of day and night, the changing of weather conditions, the length of shadows as well as the unpredictable transition of birds and aircrafts crossing the Venetian sky, and also the cruise ships, whose threatening dimensions first cover and then suddenly reveal the vision of the city.

Aquilanti's art project presents Venice as a place where everything passes and nothing remains. The city appears like a ghost of itself, an archeological remembrance that can be hardly kept in memory.