Anne-Karin Furunes, Portraits of Pictures # 41 (Searching for an Identity)

                                                         Arsenale Novissimo-Spazio Thetis, Hall 102, June 3 - November 26, 2009

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The overriding theme of Anne-Karin Furunes’ art is the face. Her work consists both of pictures from family albums as well as visual material from archives. These portrait-like photographs were transformed into works of art by cropping the original picture in a way that highlights the intensely vibrating feeling of being alive in their eyes and postures.
The serie "Portraits of Pictures" is based on a painful history that started already in the 20s in Sweden and continued until the early seventies.  Citizens who were considered to be “insufficient”, “imbecile”, “deviant” and “a burden to society”, in other words people whose genetic material was not good enough, were sterilized. The thinking echoes the philosophy of Nazi-Germany but took place in the Nordic as well as in some central European countries.
In this case Anne-Karin Furunes is re-directing  the earlier process of further treatment of photographic material.  She is now making portraits with all the dignity and respect that belong to the genre out of the documentary archival material