Loredana Longo, Cover, performance

                                                                  Galleria Traghetto Roma, May 22, 2009


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Since several years, the artist follows a personal research, which expresses itself in a way she defines “the aesthetic of destruction”, referring to the romantic side of the terms, to the enchantment of death’s them and to the fleetingness of things. In the last project “Explosion”, the artist constructs real scenographies similar to an home interiors and then she explodes them, reconstructing in a second time the objects in their particulars. A destructive but - at the same time – a repairing action. The domestic place, the interiors of an habitation are the places where happen the actions of Loredana Longo and where her installations take form, often documented in a video. In this project, more than in others, this identification is evident.

In “COVER” it seems that the artist would conserve each thing, as is usual to do when we are leaving home before a long travel. The action of cover, of preserve, of protect, fix the reality in a total personal vision in which is expected that something necessarily will happen and at the end it really will happen, shaping the forms of future relations and revealing them in their fragility.