Elena Monzo, Dipendenze

                                    Galleria Traghetto Roma, March 13 - April 24, 2009


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“A thin thread ties together body and outside world, in an un restraining need of communicating, a desperate shout of recall but also the dependence on something, from the net (internet), from the others, from sensations and from memories"

Images which confusedly overlap themselves as decomposed frames, pongo, sequins, used as chromatic notes that have a childish  taste, distinguished figures whose body is interrupted by the edge of the sheet, Elena Monzo’s works are animated by outstanding free shapes: which strike as a very ironic joke, and politically uncorrected as a hard cartoon, her stories are interrupted by absence of meaning, narrative gaps, disconnected one an other.

“ In my works there are no messages, only explosions, chaos: pieces of life casually put together, moments, gestures, meetings where man is the protagonist.”